About Us


Leontine Hagoort was born in 1962. Growing up close to her family’s furniture factory, she learnt how creativity can lead to amazing new things. After High school she attended the Willem de Koning Academy of Art in Rotterdam, majoring in fashion design.

During her practice at Esprit in Düsseldorf, she drew out her first bag design. Her passion was born. She bought two sewing machines; one for leather and one for stitching saddles. Then she started making hundreds of bags to learn everything about the materials, patterns and different ways of stitching. At the same time she started collecting bags. She must own a few hundred by now, but finding a new one can still make her very happy.

A true Leontine Hagoort

You'll recognize a true Leontine Hagoort by the great eye for detail, hand-stitching and western inspired and bohemian influences. Each piece is made with distinct craftmanship both in design as in choice of materials. Drawing bags and accessories is Leontine’s way to bring across her positive energy and inspiration to other people. Designs with an undeniable signature that make you feel really special!

Her career

Leontine started as a bag designer for Esprit Europe, the leading fashion brand at that time. In 1997 Oilily asked her to design their accessories line. For years she was creatively responsible for the successful line of Oilily bags. Some even became collector’s items.

In 2004 Leontine founded her own label together with her partner Marien Kerver. In that same year she presented her ZERO collection at the "Premiere Classe" in Paris. In the following years her products were sold all over the world.

In 2014 the brand celebrated its 10th year anniversary which was the perfect occasion to start a new adventure by turning the brand into a luxury label. She relaunched it in the autumn of 2015 with the presentation of her first full leather collection 'Lovely Leather' and the 'Luxury Bags for Butterflies' campain.

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